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Press Release - Peak24 2018

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Peak 24 coordinately invites corporations to work hands in gloves in playing against Human Trafficking

Peak 24 is entering its fourth year in gauging the support from business leaders in Hong Kong to unite worldwide youths and anti-slavery NGOs in one voice and action to confront modern slavery. Fund raised would be used to support 24 Hour Race in national law enforcement to identify and investigate human trafficking, rescue victims, and arrest traffickers. This year, Peak 24 would be held on the 14th April 2018 at Lugard Road, The Peak. Runners could participate in teams or individually, taking the precious opportunity to bond with colleagues while challenging their limits.

24 Hour Race is a Hong Kong-founded charity aiming to disrupt modern slavery, uniting millions of youths and anti-slavery NGOs around the world in one voice and action to confront modern slavery. We have been working towards the vision since 2010 and is now present in Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with the annual 24 Hour Race events. We have extended our coverage towards corporations through 'Peak 24', uniting powers from different all professions in fighting against modern slavery.

24 Hour Race will partner with The Exodus Road to remove over 240 people, both victims and traffickers, from the human trafficking world. The program, dubbed "Operation 24", will support 24,000 hours of investigation at 2,400 locations across the globe and train 24 national and local law enforcement officers who will rescue survivors and arrest traffickers.

"It's amazing that as a movement started by students in one corner of Asia, we are able to partner with corporations and undergraduates to support global efforts to fight Human Trafficking, one of the worst forms of modern slavery" says Christopher Schrader, founder of the 24 Hour Race. "By combining the willpower of thousands of motivated undergraduates with operational expertise, we believe Peak 24 can deal a swift blow to Human Trafficking".

Details of Peak 24:

Date: 14th April, 2018 (Saturday)

Venue: Lugard Road, The Peak

Contact Email:

Online Application:

Please refer to our official website for further details.


Peak24慈善跑 邀請企業攜手對抗人口販賣

由二十四小時慈善接力跑(24 Hour Race)主辦的山頂24(Peak24)現已開始接受報名。Peak24今年踏入第四週年,大會號召各企業的健兒代表公司或組織參與。是次活動所籌得之款項將用於支援24 Hour Race履行其使命,打擊人口販賣及現代奴隸制度。Peak24將於2018年4月14日(星期六)假太平山盧吉道舉辦,跑手可參與24英里接力賽或個人賽事,藉此機會增進同事間之凝聚力、挑戰自我,同時為幫助數以千萬受奴隸制度影響的受害者出一分力。

24 Hour Race為致力打擊人口販賣及奴隸制度的香港註冊慈善團體 ,從2010年起舉辦「24 Hour Race」籌款跑步比賽,至今已經有香港、吉隆波、新加坡及首爾等地超過十萬名學生參與這個一年一度的盛事。24 Hour Race於2015年起新增「Peak24」企業籌款跑步比賽,向企業宣揚其使命,邀請各行各業的人士一同參與這項對抗現代奴隸制度的運動。

Peak24所籌得款項將會用作支持24 Hour Race履行其致力打擊人口販賣的任務。 24 Hour Race今年將會聯同The Exodus Road籌辦「Operation 24」項目,目標為投放十萬美元為全球2400個人口販運黑點進行24000小時的調查工作,並與當地的執法機構合作,為執法者提供相關培訓,拯救最少240名人口販賣的受害者。

24 Hour Race創辦人Christopher Schrader表示:「希望隨着我們將運動帶到每一個亞洲城市,我們能創出所有大專生及專業人士一同積極捍衛人類基本自由的時代,取締全球的販賣人口組織。我們作出的每一個突破和改變,全賴我們的志願者和參加者對打擊販賣人口的決心和努力。」







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Peak24 活動總監

Adrian Chow 電話:9180 0318 電郵

Ivy Cheung 電話:9161 2337 電郵


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