We want to start a second abolitionist movement to eradicate slavery within our lifetimes


Our Story

In 2010, Christopher Schrader had a vision to create an event that bridged extreme endurance with philanthropy. Working together for months with a team of students, the first 24 Hour Race took place in Hong Kong.

Since that first race, the 24 Hour Race has rapidly expanded as a student-led abolitionist movement. Students plan the events, run the races, fund-raise and advocate in their communities. By providing a comprehensive timeline and framework for the students to put together the race, we nurture youth leadership and entrepreneurship with a philanthropic cause.

“Our mission is to challenge our generation to lead global action against slavery through the 24 Hour Race movement.”

What is the 24 Hour Race?

The 24 Hour Race (organizer of Peak24) is a Hong Kong registered charity that puts together endurance events to raise funds and awareness to fight slavery.

Our main event, the 24 Hour Race, is a global movement that engages young people in a lifetime experience to raise awareness and funds. When a student joins the race, their teachers, classmates and parents will be interested to know more about the cause. When 10 students are joining the race and fundraise in the campus, the whole school will learn about the cause, and people will discuss and talk about slavery issues. When thousands of students around the world are joining the race, it becomes a youth movement - the world leaders, the governments will take actions, make policies and conscious decisions with the stories of modern slavery victims in their mind.

Peak24 is our only 'adult' race and has been successfully run as a separate event to our global 24 hour races in Hong Kong since 2015.

  • To date, we've raised over HKD 8,000,000 supporting grass-roots anti-slavery NGOs across the planet.
  • The 24 Hour Race has directly engaged over 120,000 students through our events.
  • The 24 Hour Race has supported the work of 12 NGOs that work in the field, reaching over 5,000 victims of slavery.

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Why Peak24?

In late 2014, we realized there was a need to engage corporates in our fight against modern slavery. Using our event expertise, we planned the first ever corporate-relay race in Hong Kong - decidedly not 24 hours!

Since then, Peak24 has grown into an event where hundreds of people from dozens of countries come together to unite philanthropy with endurance and have a ton of fun whilst doing it!

Our Impact

This year, we aim to raise USD 100,000 to fund "Operation24", a partnership with The Exodus Road to free at least 240 people currently enslaved. The operation will:

  1. Conduct 24,000 hours of research
  2. Investigate 2,400 locations suspected as hotbeds of slavery
  3. Free at least 240 people from slavery

You can read more about Operation24 here: